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At K&K Dental Care, Dr. Plieva and Dr. Pliev offer Carifree's CAMBRA (Caries Management by Risk Assessment) which is a growing philosophy designed to identify, diagnose, and correct dental biofilm with the final goal of restoring affected teeth to healthy function by minimizing future risks of caries recurrence. CariFree offers a well-documented, step-by-step process of assessment and prevention techniques for patients with different manifestations and risk levels of the disease. A questionnaire, exam, and a quantitative measure of bacterial activity will determine what type of patient we are attempting to treat.

The questionnaire will reveal what habits — such as frequent snacking, acidic beverages, or use of oral appliances — might be increasing the caries risk.

Dr. Plieva and Dr. Pliev use the Cariscreen testing meter to help patients prevent decay in their teeth. The CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Test is a simple 1-minute chair-side bacterial test for assessing patients’ caries risk. The patent-pending CariScreen uses ATP bioluminescence to identify the oral bacterial load and has been proven to correlate with patients’ risk for decay.

The test is quick and painless. You simply take a swab sample of the plaque from your patients’ teeth, which when combined with special bioluminescence reagents within the swab, will create a reaction that is then measured with the meter. The CariScreen will give a score between 0 and 9,999. A score under 1,500 is considering relatively healthy, while above that shows the considerable risk for decay. This technology not only allows you to measure your patients’ risk for decay today but also helps measure their progress as they follow the recommended protocols for reducing risk.

Please feel free to speak to either Dr. Plieva, Dr. Pliev, or anyone of our K&K Dental Studio team members here in Ottawa if you have any question regarding Carifree.