Smile Design



Ottawa Cosmetic DentistJust like an artist who carefully studies his subject before putting the brush on the canvas, our Ottawa cosmetic dentists carefully study and plan to help you create the smile of your dreams.

Smile design involves a complex assessment of the aesthetic and functional qualities of your face, jaw, teeth, and overall smile. Then, a treatment plan is carefully crafted based on your input, concerns, comfort level, and dental needs.

Treatment can range from simple procedures like teeth whitening or porcelain veneers to crowns or Invisalign.

You are more than just a smile

Just like every other aspect of our practice, we begin your smile design by looking at you as a whole person—not just a set of teeth! Together, you and Drs. Pliev and Plieva discuss ideas for your new smile such as facial features, optimal bite, and your goals.

“When it comes to smile design, everything has to be in harmony.” – Dr. Pliev

Once we’ve developed a treatment plan you’re comfortable with, we’ll show you detailed models of what your new smile will look like. Then, our in-house lab technicians begin crafting any needed restorations.

The role of a lab technician is crucial, so having them on-site gives a huge advantage. With an on-site lab, we can have our technicians actually meet and speak with you face-to-face, achieving the best, most natural looking results.

Beauty and function combined

Restoring the beauty of a smile can be a tremendous benefit to your self-esteem, overall perception, and contribute to your successes in life.

“Seeing how a patient is changed during the course of treatment—going from a shy, worried person to the happiest person in the world—that’s the beauty of our profession.” – Dr. Plieva

Additionally, a well-designed smile corrects function issues such as misaligned teeth or bite to improve the overall health of your teeth, jaw, and body.

As always, you are the decision maker—our role as professionals is simply to help explain your options, and guide you to choose the treatment suited to your needs.